1. Daniel luka says:

    I say hi to my frends on 2go

  2. I luv 2go

  3. abdulazeez says:

    Ar be badoo ar won of those boys u wat to priese 4 air u better go church

  4. Ibrahim Baba Zahrau says:

    I don’t think it’s bad because there are people to chat with

  5. Donzomga Bentema says:

    I love it”i love 2go

  6. Onuoha maduka says:

    The general public is here by say no to 2go 3.8 version we don’t like it, we need 3.6 or 3.7 back to enable us do our 2go well. Thanks

  7. raphael says:

    We need v.3.7plsss 3.8 is not okay for us

  8. figo Harrison says:

    liked 2go
    and 2go is all the way good to go
    advance to compare with top apps
    and more emoticons
    i want more of 2go until i/we are satisfied .

  9. oluwabanji8 says:

    The old version is better than this new version! I hate this new version, just change it back to the new version

  10. Naija2go

  11. aminu danieL says:

    I Love 2go

  12. I love 2go so much a social network where your privacy is intact

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