"My daughter-in-law controlled my son until he died" - Mohbad's father alleges

'My daughter-in-law controlled my son until he died' - Mohbad's father alleges

The father of the late musician, Mohbad, has come forward to accuse his daughter in law, Omowunmi of controlling his son until his death.

Omowunmi who was the wife of the singer and mother of the son was also accused of having a hand in his death following chats leaked between the couple.

Only lately, she has been forced to undergo a DNA test to confirm Mohbad's paternity of their son Liam, which came out positive.

Today, Mohbad's father was claiming that his son loved him but didn't do much for him or try to take care of him.

He called Mohbad a walking dead corpse as a result of thinking too much in his matrimonial home. He went as far as saying there was a time the late singer even threatened to throw his son into a river.

'My daughter-in-law controlled my son until he died

Mohbad's father accused his daughter-in-law of stealing his son's money when he slept at night, also using black magic to control the young man so that he spent more money on herself and her family.

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