Asake sent off stage for wearing pant to perform

 Asake sent off stage for wearing pant to perform

Ahmed Ololade, known by his stage name Asake, recently opened up about a not-so-pleasant encounter during a performance. In an interview with the Ginger Yourself podcast, the singer narrated how he attempted to gain attention and popularity by emulating the late Fela Kuti's style.

Asake decided to wear only pants, reminiscent of Fela's iconic look, and performed alongside scantily-clad ladies on stage. His intention was to capture the audience's attention, but the action ended up backfiring terribly.

Recalling the unfortunate incident, Asake shared, "I packed like six girls on stage and asked them to be half-naked. You know, one thing about Nigerians is that once people are naked, they just forget about all the things that are happening and just focus. But these people at the concert were stubborn."

As he made his grand entrance, expecting a positive reception, the audience's reaction caught him by surprise. He explained, "I just walked in majestically as a star boy. I did not know where the first clap come from. The audience was like, 'No, no, no.' Everybody, like 9,000 capacity, clapping that they don't want it."

Asake's attempt to gain attention through a bold performance style ended in an unexpected rejection, leaving a lasting memory of the challenging journey he had to undertake to find acceptance in the music industry.

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